• Our Coffee

Café de la Mañana exports coffee from the finest producers in Colombia focusing on the three major criteria – high altitude, volcanic soil and humane working conditions.

Pursuing the dream of Don Fernando’s, we find the best farms in Colombia in order to let our customers around the globe taste the best coffee in the world. Just like Santa Isabel, all the farms we work with present high coffee growing conditions.

The Santa Isabel farm of El Chaquiro property is located between 1662 and 1900 meters above sea level. 100% of the farm soils was considered coffee plantations according to the zoning made by Cenicafe and are catalogued by Chinchiná Unity. They were characterized as being derived from volcanic ash carried by the winds from the Ruiz Principal, which stayed on the slopes of Cerro Combia, where the farm is located.

Santa Isabel is certificated for its conditions by the stamps of Rainforest Alliance and UTZ as well as 4c and Flo verifications for being a pilot farm shown on many occasions by the Federación Nacional de Cafeteros de Colombia to the visitors both from the country and abroad proving the quality, harmlessness and good agricultural practices implemented in the farm.