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Don Fernando Echavarría Ochoa has always had the Colombian soil close to his heart. Largely contributing to the agricultural development of Colombia, he gained an excellent reputation as a grower, farmer and rancher. In 1985, Don Fernando aquired the Santa Isabel farm, which grows almost two millions trees of the finest coffee in the world thanks to its unique growing conditions.

Santa Isabel is an exemplary farm of the Fredonia-Antioquia coffee region certificated by the Federación Nacional de Cafeteros de Colombia. During high season, it employs almost 350 workers. Don Fernando believes that only by having all workers’ best interest at heart, we can put passion into coffee and offer an exquisite taste of Colombian dedication.
Café de la Mañana identifies premium Colombian soil to make sure that all our plants grow on farms like Santa Isabel.

Premium Colombian soil means premium 100% Colombian Coffee.